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14-18 year olds


When: Fridays fornightly 7.30-9.30pm

Our Friday night youth club is a great place to chill out with your friends, play some games and find out more about living for Jesus. Here's how an average week looks, but we may occasionally mix things up a bit:

7:30 Arrive, cuppa, treats (or healthy snack – your body is a temple obvs) chat, games, table football, Wii etc...

8.00 Crazy game – different every week, from noodle hockey to zones volley ball.

8.30 Bible bit – could be a talk or study.

9.00 Chill or game (pick up at 9.30)


ARC girls 19

When: 2nd Sunday of the Month 4.45-6.15pm and then stay for evening service at 6.30pm

Time to find answers from the BIble on hot topics and tricky questions . We'll have pizza afterwards and then we'll stay for the evening service at HTG. 

We often have new people so do come and join us. We'd love to make you feel welcome and part of our group.

Click here to see the current Arc term card.


We also run some brilliant special events for youth, such as weekends away, summer house parties, and other excellent stuff. Watch this space.

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