Our Connections

Anglican Mission in England (AMiE)

As a church, we are part of the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) which is a growing fellowship of faithful Anglican churches who are passionate about gospel mission. We are committed to the interdependence of local churches and to receiving oversight from godly bishops.

AMiE is part of the Gafcon movement. This is a network of biblical Anglicans from across the countries of the world. It is beautifully diverse and wonderfully united in orthodox, historic Christian truth.

North East Gospel Partnership (NEGP)

We are also a member church of the North East Gospel Partnership, which is a network of local churches in the region who help and support each other in ministry by providing friendship, organising training and supporting new church planting initiatives. We will be hosting the NEGP Ministry Training course at Holy Trinity Gateshead from September 2022.

Jesmond Parish Church (JPC) & St Joseph’s Benwell (SJB)

We are part of a small family of churches, connected by the Jesmond Trust, who aim to support and help one another grow and sustain gospel ministry.

Holy Trinity was planted by JPC who paid for our building and our start-up costs (through the Jesmond Trust) and sent a team to launch the church. JPC continues to support and help our ministry efforts, including providing administration support by administration. The Jesmond Trust currently provides our legal structure; however, this will be changing in the months ahead. We will continue to have close fellowship and gospel partnership with JPC and SJB.